Baths of Caracalla

- Roma -

They constitute one of the greatest examples of imperial baths and best preserved. Built on the slopes of the Aventino, they were inaugurated in 216 by Caracalla. The water supply of the Baths was provided by a branch of the Acqua Marcia aqueduct, which, passing the Via Appia, rested on the already existing Arco di Druso, near Porta San Sebastiano. The plant of the complex has a rectangular shape and was a place not only for sports and body care but also for study and walking. The Baths ceased their function in 535 during the Gothic War. Following the abandonment, they were looted and the precious materials were removed to be reused in quality buildings. A seguito dell’ abbandono, furono saccheggiate ed i materiali di pregio vennero asportati per essere riutilizzati in costruzioni di qualità.

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Roma - Terme di Caracalla


Recinto Esterno

Recinto Interno

Palestra Occidentale


Palestra Orientale




Recinto Esterno

Recinto Esterno A

Recinto Esterno B

Recinto Esterno C

Recinto Esterno D

Recinto Interno

Recinto Interno A

Recinto Interno B

Recinto Interno C


Palestra Occidentale

Palestra Occidentale A

Palestra Occidentale B


Apodyterium Occidentale

Natatio A

Natatio B

Natatio C

Natatio D

Apodyterium Orientale

Palestra Orientale

Palestra Orientale A

Palestra Orientale B

Palestra Orientale C


Frigidarium A

Frigidarium B

Frigidarium C

Frigidarium D